Saturday, November 5, 2016

Camden turns 6!

On October 21st, our Camden turned 6 years old!
I can't believe he is already 6.  Boy, that six years went
so fast.  Camden is a sweet, loving and big hearted little boy.
I have a special place in my heart for him.  He reminds me of
Steven when he was that age.  

Sam & Hailey were here for the party.
We had a ball!  

 Jenna and Grandpa Monk going for a ride in the RZR.

Brooke did such a great job on Cam's cake.
It was not only cute but delicious too.

Our littlest "Monkey".  
Nora Jo

All my grandkids except for Elle in Vegas.
Emily 8
Camden 6
Jenna 4
Tyson 2
Nora 10 months
Aren't they just the cutest?

Monday, September 19, 2016

finally did it

I finally got pictures on my Christmas present.
Let's see, it's only September but I actually did it in
August.  Late is better than not at all right?
I just love all these little kiddos.
They are all MINE!

Just had to sneak in this cute photo of
these three little munchkins.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Catch up post......

It's been so long since I have updated my blog.
It seems I can't get it done in a timely matter.
Following are pictures just to get up to date a 

 I watched the kids earlier this Spring.
We went over to the school and played on the toys.
Such beautiful weather with such cute little boys!
Emily was there but didn't want me to take her picture.
 Here is the quilt I made for Matt & Kayla's baby due
April 22.  We can't wait.....
 While watching Camden one day, I found this little
train set that Sam had when he was a little boy.
I do believe he was exactly Camden's age.
Cam loved playing trains at Grandma's!
 This is the stitchery I made for Matt & Kayla's little one.
 Emily's 1st time loosing a tooth.
Isn't she so cute?
Here is a dinosaur quilt I recently finished.
I hope to get a couple more done before Christmas.
A winter project but took a long time.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Birthday 2015

 I am just not a birthday person. 
I don't enjoy the attention.
But, this year rocked!
Let me explain. . . . 

So, I have always wanted Cowboy Boots.  I don't know
something about them just rocks my world.
Several times when I have gone on a diet,
I have told myself that if I lost a certain
amount of weight I would treat myself
to a pair of cowboy boots.
That never  happened. 
Well, one day at work, I noticed a girl that
I worked with had cowboy boots on. 
Oh my gosh, I loved them.  
That did it!  I went home, did some research on
the internet and decided I would probably never
loose enough weight to justify an expensive
pair of boots.  But,  my birthday was coming up!

So, I surprised Wynn by buying my own birthday gift......
(he was thrilled) 
I didn't order them with pink trim but they
came that way and I decided that I really like it.

It is taking some time to getting them all broke in
but they really are comfortable.
1.  They have a heavy sole, keeps me from slipping
2.  They are also very warm for these cold Idaho days.
3.  I just think they are so cute!
(I just might go for a cowboy hat next year)
What do you think?

A couple of days before my birthday, the R.S. presidency
came and visited me.  I enjoyed it so.  What a neat thing.
They even gave me a card with this cute fridge magnet in it.  
I love it!  

My birthday was on a Saturday.  On Friday, the girls at
work with gave me 2 mixes from Prepared Pantry and 
a pancake turner.  They even brought donuts for us all.
It was so thoughtful of them, I just loved it!  

Then, on Friday, Aunt Pat and I celebrated our birthdays by
going to lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  
It was so fun, all my Aunts and Mom came.
Steven, Brooke, Camden and Ty came too! 
Le and Erma even came. 
So fun to see everyone and they even brought me cards!
Cards are nostalgic to me.
My Grandma Gneiting always gave cards.
My Mom does too.
I don't but I do enjoy them.
So fun to read them and enjoy their messages.  

 On Saturday, my real birthday, we were suppose to go
to Jackson Hole swimming with Steven and his family.
Saturday morning, it was so foggy and sleety.
The roads were terrible!
We opted to stay around  home.
We took the kids and went to Leo's for pizza.
Brooke brought an oatmeal cake, (my favorite).
So fun being with some of my favorite people.

 Our little Ty Baby!
 Matt and Kayla even sent flowers.
So thoughtful of them.
I always love flowers.
The yellow is so cheery this time of year.
 Kaylynn and Loren came a visiting.
This is what they brought me.
Oh, such good friends they are to us.
We just love them.
 Steven, Brooke and the kids
game me this cute grey scant, handmade headband and
Brooke and Emily's favorite lips!
I couldn't be  happier!
 I love them all.
 My friend, Kris, game me a laminator.
Who would think of that?
Kris did and I love it.
I'm looking for something to laminate!

Jana game me a Valentine Bear and nail stuff.
Oh my word, the lindor chocolate is to die for.

 I got a coupon from Deseret Book to come in and get a
free birthday gift.
I chose this one!  So cool, I'm going to use it 
as my Gratitude journal.
I can't wait to write  in it.

Oh, I guess I really do like my birthday.
I did feel special and loved.
Good bye 54 hello 55.
Life just keeps getting better.
I don't have anything to complain about.
Life is so good.
I am blessed!  
I feel it everyday of my life.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Blog

I can't add pictures to my blog anymore.
Bloggers tells me it is all full.
So, I have created a new blog.
Please look to the right and find
and click.
There is my  new blog!  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Party at BYU-I

Last Monday night Wynn and I got to go to his ward party up at
BYU-I.  It was so much fun and so organized!  Those kids amaze us

 Stirring the root beer and poising for a picture.
Victoria showing us the things she made for the party.
So much work!  I don't know how these kids do everything they do
and still go to school and get good grades.
(This the girl that is writing our Matt.  Isn't she so cute?)

 This group of girls came dressed like the bishopric.  It was so funny.
Notice the hair or should I say lack of hair?
They had so much fun.
 I can't remember who these guys dressed as.  They are on
Ellen all the time.  The two little girls. . . from the UK.
Sofia Grace and ?
 Brittney Hill - R. S. president?

Me as a pumpkin and Wynn as a pumpkin carver.

Here Sam is 3.5 years old on Halloween.
We have gotten a lot of mileage out of
this costume.